I’m Truly Sorry…..But Home Buyers Don’t Make Sympathy Offers

    Buyers make an offer to purchase a home as a result of MANY different factors but the sellers’ circumstances or dire need to sell is just not one of them.  The fact is – home buyers don’t make “sympathy” offers to buy an available Charlotte NC home for sale because they feel badly for the sellers’ situation/circumstances.

   I received a message directly from the seller of a home I showed to some buyer clients MONTHS ago.  The home is currently listed for sale with a real estate firm, but the seller chose to reach out to buyer agents who had previously shown the home (they were also present and shadowed us through the entire showing, another topic altogether).

   I don’t mind an update, but this one was more than just “we’ve changed the price please bring any interested clients by”.

   In explicit and intimate detail, the seller went through all of the very personal reasons they truly need to sell…and quickly.  Reading through the message it was impossible not to feel the urgency of their situation and honestly to hope the right buyer for their home does come along soon.

   The thing is, the property itself doesn’t have a huge buyer audience to begin with, it’s just not a property that has a wide ranging appeal and that’s an inherent factor that’s working against these sellers – the buyer pool is limited.

   Knowing all the details and explicit reasons why these sellers are so DESPERATE to sell this house isn’t going to convince a buyer to make an offer if the house just doesn’t work for them.  I can’t say this clearly enough……There are no sympathy offers in Charlotte NC real estate.

   Buyers make an offer because they’re ready, willing, and able to buy a home now and the home they choose to offer on meets their needs so they decide to pursue purchasing the home.  I can honestly say I’ve never heard ANY of my buyer clients say they’re looking for a house to buy so they can help out the sellers since they feel so sorry for them.  

     I don’t have any current buyer clients who are looking for a home like this seller’s property or in that area (the clients I showed this home to have long since found one that did meet their needs), but if I DID…..the seller would’ve just handed me confidential information that I’d have a duty to share with a buyer client.  

     Like I said, I do hope the right buyer comes along for these homeowners, but the reality is that a personal and explicit message of WHY they need to sell just isn’t going to convince any buyer that this house is the one for them.   The even harsher reality is that in the hands of a buyers agent/buyer that heartfelt plea can actually be used against them. 

    Really and truly, there’s just no such thing as a sympathy offer when it comes to real estate in Charlotte NC, and if a seller client of mine tried to elicit one all I can say is we’d have much more than a casual discussion about the importance of confidentiality!!!

Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “I’m Truly Sorry…..But Home Buyers Don’t Make Sympathy Offers”


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