Holiday Tips For Home Sellers

   While there really isn’t any “easy” time of year to keep your home in show ready condition, that task can admittedly be a bit more challenging during the holiday season. 

Some holiday home seller tips to keep in mind if your Charlotte NC home is for sale during the holiday season:

– Moderation!!!  It’s not just for those holiday meals and drinks.  For holiday home sellers moderation is key when it comes to decor.  Some holiday decor is ok.  Pulling out ALL of your decorations and having your house look like a holiday gift shop is not! 

– Use seasonal scents.  This time of year, warm and inviting holiday scents like cinnamon and vanilla can welcome buyers in and add to the home’s ambiance. 

– Accessibility.  No, you shouldn’t be expected to invite buyers to sit down at your holiday meal ON an actual holiday but thinking you’re going to block showings for days or weeks on end is not going to help sell your house.  If you typically host lots of overnight guests around the holidays, this may be the year for you to take a break from that.

– Protect valuables!   Many people have sentimental holiday items.  If your home’s for sale you should seriously consider keeping those safely put away.  Better safe than sorry.

– Don’t extend the holidays past their prime.  Buyers know it’s the holiday season right now but they won’t want to see seasonal remnants in January.  Once the holiday season is over, let it go.

   If your home is for sale during the holiday season and you typically go all out with seasonal home decor and events you may want to seriously consider toning it down this year.  Just remember it’s about buyers being able to envision THEMSELVES celebrating holidays/events/milestones in the house and it’s tough for them to do that with “unique” or excessive seasonal displays to distract them.  

   That being said, this time of year offers a built in opportunity for Charlotte NC home sellers to enhance the warm, inviting, “home for the holidays” aspects of your house.   During the stress of the holiday season, don’t lose sight of your goal to successfully sell your Charlotte NC home.

 To set up a consultation (via phone or in person), for any questions you may have about buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC and how current real estate market conditions may relate to you, contact us.

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