Goals for Charlotte NC Home Buyers or Home Sellers

   There’s a lot of talk at this time of year about goals as we approach the end of 2009 and look forward to 2010.  We’re almost into the “new year resolution” season.  You know, when you promise yourself to lose weight, quit some bad habit, tackle debt, whatever “goals” you’d like to accomplish.

   But goals aren’t just for New Year’s and they’re not just for businesses (or real estate brokers).   Goals apply to Charlotte NC home buyers and home sellers too!

   Most people don’t wake up one day and decide “I think I’ll go buy a house today” or “I think I’ll sell my house and move someplace else today”.  It’s not a meal, it’s a life changing decision.

   For anyone who’s considering buying a home or selling a home in Charlotte NC and moving on to another home, it can help to take some time and really define what your goal is. 

   “Buy a house” or “sell this house and buy another one” just aren’t very personal and the home buying/selling process will be, so your home buying/home selling goals should be personal too. 

   Buy a house/sell this house are just too vanilla, they’re boring and aren’t really going to help you stay focused on where exactly it is you’re striving to go (and I don’t mean street address).

    Before you’re out house hunting and before your house is on the market (if you’re already in the process that’s ok you can start now) take the time to really define and refine your goals.

   Write them down!!! To get started:

What are you hoping to accomplish (being able to move to a house that better meets your needs, different lifestyle, owning your own home, what’s the underlying reason YOU want to buy or sell a home?)

When you achieve your goal how will it feel (relief, accomplishment, security, pride, comfort, freedom)?

What steps can you choose to take now to help you reach your goal? (saving, working on credit, education, research, deciding on professional partners in your journey, for sellers – preparing your home, de-personalizing and starting the process of detaching from your “home” to the house you’re selling, seeking objective feedback on where to focus your preparation efforts)

– For buyers – what would your new place look like (what stands out to you as the absolute critical elements (hint: go beyond # of beds/baths, think about what would make it a place you love coming home to?)

– For sellers – time frame’s important, is it totally up in the air or do you have some reason to successfully sell before a definite point in time?  Learn about the process of having your house on the market, especially if you’re a first time seller!!!!

   Before buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC, have a clear idea of your goal and what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.  A vision of how that will change your life and a focus for all of your efforts.  The process of buying or selling a home can (and does) get messy, stressful and at times frustrating bordering on pure aggravation for buyers and sellers.

   Don’t forget where it is you’re trying to get to and what that will mean for you because in the midst of the process it’s easy to feel like you don’t know which way is up or down.  Keeping your very personal goal in mind can help remind you of what it is you’re trying to accomplish and what it will mean to you when you get there. 

   I didn’t mention price at all because that’s an accessory to this process, the goal and main reason for buying or selling a home is usually much deeper than a dollar amount.  A house isn’t an outfit or pair of shoes, it’s just slightly more of a life changing decision.

   Your home buying or selling goal will be very personal to you but it will provide a destination, an end point for you to keep in sight as you travel the road that is the home buying or home selling process.

To set up a consultation (via phone or in person), for any questions you may have about buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC and how current real estate market conditions may relate to you, contact us.

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Dear Charlotte NC Buyers: I Don’t Care How Many Bedrooms or Bathrooms You Want!

Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Goals for Charlotte NC Home Buyers or Home Sellers”


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