November and December Are The WORST Months To Sell Your House!

   You may have heard that November and December are the absolute worst months to even attempt to sell a house in Charlotte NC.  Traditional advice is to just pack it in, give up and wait till after the New Year.  After all, spring is the “peak” time to sell your house, right?

  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It’s actually not quite so simple or clear cut, besides I think some “traditions” are over-rated and this happens to be one of them.

   The consensus that November and December are just purely awful months to even consider selling a home are based on the logic that the amount of successfully sold real estate listings reaches an annual lull at this time of year.  Regardless of any other market conditions it’s usually true that November and December are slower and see fewer closed real estate listings.

   But….that’s not the whole story.  See, it’s not just sold listings that typically reach an annual low in November and December.  The amount of NEW listings also usually takes a steep drop.  Not to mention the innumerable would-be sellers who take their house off the market this time of year (you know, to enjoy the holidays) and go into hibernation till the new year rolls around.  They’ll be back though, along with lots of other competition new listings.

   For data and graphs with listing activity showing the November/December real estate market trends: Single Family Real Estate Market in South Charlotte NC

Single Family Real Estate Market in Southeast Charlotte NC

Single Family Real Estate Market in South/Southwest Charlotte NC

  So new listings noticeably drop off, would-be sellers remove their homes from the market, for serious Charlotte NC home sellers…that’s your competition and they’re stepping out of the way for you in November and December!!!!   You could look at it as their holiday gift to you.

  Another bonus – home buyers searching in November/December also tend to be a bit more serious instead of “just looking”.

   Now, this advice isn’t for everyone of course.  It’s for homeowners and sellers who truly are serious about selling their home successfully.  For homeowners and sellers who have decided it’s time to move on (for location, lifestyle, needs in a home, whatever the reason) and are ready to navigate the challenges of selling their Charlotte NC home.

   If the goal of selling your home is to be able to move on, the sooner you successfully sell your current place, the sooner you’ll be able to take on the home buyer role which in so many cases right now has a ton more opportunity just waiting for you.  

   By selling in November, December you could very well be ready to capitalize on the buyer side when those new listings start coming back after the new year and into the spring.  Because they will be back, along with a lot of pent up inventory from homeowners waiting with plans to sell their home.

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