Charlotte NC Home Sellers – Sell Before You Even Think of Buying That Next Home

   For Charlotte NC home sellers looking to sell their home in Charlotte NC and move on to buying another home in Charlotte NC (or anywhere else for that matter) it’s easy to get ahead of yourself.  When it comes to selling a Charlotte NC home in order to move on and buy another home – the first and most important step, especially right now, is successfully selling your current home.

   It can be easy and exciting to get caught up in where you’ll move on to, but by a long shot right now the more challenging real estate market conditions are related to successfully SELLING your current home in Charlotte NC.   For Charlotte NC home sellers looking to move on to another home, don’t let emotion get in the way of logic and proper planning.  Call me overly cautious, but my advice to Charlotte NC home sellers – don’t fall in love or even fall in “like” with another house before you’ve sold your current home.

  Selling a home and moving on to buy another home is like walking a tightrope and one misstep can knock you down. 

   While it’s certainly “possible” to make an offer and even go under contract to buy your next Charlotte NC home before your current home’s sold, there are some serious potential drawbacks to consider:

 – Any contingency on the sale of your current home weakens your negotiating strength as a buyer.       Having a house to sell before you can go through with buying makes you less attractive (and therefore weaker) to any home seller.  There’s much higher risk to a seller when the buyer making an offer has a house to sell!

– If for any reason the sale of your current house falls apart, for ANY reason, even days before or the day of closing you risk not only losing out on the house you were going to buy but now you’re right back at square one with selling.  Sure, you “may” not lose your earnest money but what have you lost in time/energy/disappointment thinking you’ve found the perfect next home?  Even worse….what if your stuff’s now on a moving van and now you have no place to move it to?  Think it doesn’t happen, think again. 

  For any Charlotte NC home sellers looking to move on to another home, successfully navigating the sale of your current house is above all else the first priority.  I’d rather you be successful instead of regretful, and when it comes to selling then buying some planning and focus on first things first can help set you up for success.

   Right now in the current Charlotte NC real estate market there’s a lot of challenges facing home sellers, and even with great home buying opportunities (unless you have unlimited cash and don’t finance) you’ve got to clear the home selling hurdle to be free to take advantage of buying opportunities.   Navigating the challenges of selling your Charlotte NC home will free you to explore home buying opportunities that are out there.   For Charlotte NC homeowners looking to move on to another home, put first things first and focus on successfully selling your Charlotte NC home before falling in love with your next home where these days it’s likely that many opportunities await.

   To set up a consultation (via phone or in person), for a customized list and regular updates with changes to available homes for sale in Charlotte NC that may be of interest, OR for any questions you may have about buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC and how current real estate market conditions may relate to you, contact us.

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