Go Beyond The Cosmetic When Evaluating Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

  When buying a home in Charlotte NC it’s important to go beyond the cosmetic and really take the “big picture” into account.  There’s much more to a home than paint color, kitchen style or whether the floors are hardwood vs carpet.

   For home buyers in Charlotte NC right now there’s a lot of options to consider and evaluate.  When working with home buyers (representing their interests as a buyer’s agent), I recommend looking at the big picture when evaluating any Charlotte NC home and that goes WAY beyond cosmetics and how any given home shows cosmetically.  I’ve had several first time buyers who after a few home tours would start taking note of the roof or siding before we even entered the house!

   Going beyond the cosmetic and taking a big picture approach to evaluating and comparing Charlotte NC homes for sale means gathering info on and taking into account things like age/condition/any updates to the home’s systems.  The less glamorous but potentially really expensive updates! 

   The hvac system, water heater, electrical, plumbing, ROOF, gutters, siding, windows aren’t the exactly show stoppers or the most exciting part of touring an available Charlotte NC home for sale but they’re key components of that home and absolutely should be part of any home buyer’s evaluation process.

   Buying a home is a huge investment.  It’s a big deal and rather than getting carried away by any cosmetic “fixes”, home buyers owe it to themselves to take the time to really consider not just how a home shows but the overall condition.  Many times updates/upgrades to a home’s systems and components aren’t as obvious but they are an important consideration, just as LACK of updating/upgrades is important for home buyers to know about.  A dated kitchen’s glaringly obvious.  Dated hvac, takes a little more investigation.

   And don’t assume just because it’s a new/newer house it’s problem-free.  A system that’s been beaten up OR neglected for a year, two or three is going to show some wear and tear.   Bottom line, go beyond the cosmetic, and don’t ignore the big picture when it comes to evaluating homes for sale in Charlotte NC.  There’s more to the story than “fresh paint”!

   Sellers – keep in mind, today’s home buyers have no shortage of options to consider.  Focusing on cosmetic and ignoring home system issues is NOT a winning strategy.  A fresh coat of paint will not erase flaws/age/wear and tear to the major operating systems of the home.  Let buyers know about any improvements you’ve done that go beyond skin deep, make home system servicing reports and any system warranties available.  Provide average heating/cooling, energy and utility expenses.  Savvy buyers are going beyond cosmetics which isn’t to say you can ignore presentation but it’s not the only factor when it comes to buyers evaluating Charlotte NC homes for sale.

For a detailed list and  regular updates with changes to available homes for sale in Charlotte NC that may be of interest, OR for any questions you may have about buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC and how current real estate market conditions may relate to you, contact us.

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  1. Really good advice and blog!

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