Divine Pies in Charlotte NC

   The Divine Pies shop in Charlotte NC is truly a hidden gem.  This local Charlotte NC bake shop offers a wide range of absolutely incredible baked goods. From apple, pecan and all kinds of sweet pies to quiches, vegetable or meat pies, even cookies and cupcakes…Divine Pies is very aptly named.  They don’t taste “like” homemade, they’re better than homemade!!!

  Agnes Mbiya is the owner of Divine Pies and opened the store in 2008, proudly becoming a local Charlotte NC business owner, doing what she loves. Baking and cooking is her passion and it really shows in the quality of her products.  

  In addition to the Divine Pies store location, Agnes offers her delectable Divine Pies creations at the Charlotte Tailgate Farmers Market and Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.

   Check out Divine Pies Bakery in Charlotte NC  to view the full range of available bakery items as well as an article all about Charlotte’s Divine Pies bakery that was featured in the Charlotte Observer’s Food section.




  The Divine Pies Bakery in Charlotte NC is located on Monroe Rd, just East of Wendover Rd, at 4201 Monroe Rd Suite A, Charlotte NC 28205.

View 4201 Monroe Rd – Divine Pies Ste A in a larger map

Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Divine Pies in Charlotte NC”


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