3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Home Listed (but Not Sold)

  It’s really very simple to have your Charlotte NC home listed (having it successfully sell can be another story).  Here’s 3 easy steps to having your Charlotte NC home remain on the real estate market in Charlotte NC:

1. Hire the listing agent with the highest list price – doesn’t matter if no buyer would ever realistically pay that, it’ll make you feel good when you see that list price.  You can’t take it to the bank but still, you’ll feel good.

2. Eliminate any and ALL photos of your home online – hold onto the premise that buyers will be so fascinated by the written description of your house they’ll be lining up to see what it actually looks like in person.  Besides, these days who really uses that internet thing to search for real estate in Charlotte NC?

3. Turn a blind eye to nearby real estate activity (this of course assumes your Charlotte NC real estate agent sends you updates on activity, if not then don’t worry you won’t know about what’s going on anyway) – price changes, under contract, new listings near your home are the competition, but really buyers won’t look at any of those other homes, right?

   There’s a pretty big difference between having your Charlotte NC home on the market for sale and actually successfully reaching the closing table and selling that house.  These 3 steps are just the tip of the iceberg and relate to the initial phase of listing and marketing your Charlotte NC home.  

  The offer/negotiation/contract/contract to close/closing table have their own potential pitfalls and landmines but if you never leave the “listed” phase none of those will matter at all.

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Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Home Listed (but Not Sold)”


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