Mortgages and the “Local” Factor When Buying A Charlotte NC Home

   When buying a home in Charlotte NC, the purchase contract has multiple key deadlines related to financing, many of which are “drop dead” dates (if the deadline isn’t met, there’s consequences). 

   Local lenders (or local mortgage professional contacts for a lender) are critical team members when it comes to buying a home in Charlotte NC.  The mortgage professional on your team should not only be aware of deadlines but should be familiar with the purchase contract and be prepared (and willing and able) to meet those deadlines.

   Financing is an integral part of the contract to closing process when buying a home in Charlotte NC.  As a buyer, it’s in your best interest to have a mortgage professional partner that’s educated about and familiar with the local real estate purchase contracts as well as the timetable for your individual home purchase. 

   Our standard real estate purchase contracts are typically modified and adjusted annually, some recent changes over the past several years have added additional layers of responsibility and consequences on the buyer’s side of a Charlotte NC real estate purchase, particularly related to the financing. 

  Having a mortgage professional familiar with current real estate contracts and what deadlines mean for the home buyer is priceless.   Before deciding on a mortgage professional, it doesn’t hurt to learn about their experience and familiarity with the local purchase contracts.   There’s no national standard real estate purchase contract so location really does matter for more than just the home you’re buying.

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