Buying A Home In Charlotte NC – The Home Search Process

   When buying a home in Charlotte NC the process of searching for a home typically starts online these days.  The amount of information and access to available Charlotte NC homes online has greatly increased the ease of narrowing and focusing on the most appealing Charlotte NC homes for sale. 

   Online home searches are a phenomenal tool for buyers looking to purchase a home in Charlotte NC but the process doesn’t end with an online search.

   After evaluating and refining the online home search to create a personalized “must see” list of Charlotte NC homes for sale(personalized meaning your needs/wants/desires in a Charlotte NC home) the next step is the in-person evaluation. NOTE: this progression happens after obtaining a solid mortgage pre-approval if using financing to purchase real estate in Charlotte NC.

   Many, many times Charlotte NC homes that look “perfect” online will disappoint in person and vice versa, homes that look so-so online can actually impress when touring the home in person.

   Viewing and evaluating the home in person isn’t optional.  I don’t care how great it seems online, in person evaluation involves the sights, senses and impressions of a home as well as the neighborhood and location factors that an online view doesn’t capture.

   While touring the Charlotte NC homes on your must see list the evaluation and refining process continues, homes either measure up in person or they’re eliminated from the running.

   As the home search process continues, the discard pile grows while the key contenders are left.  The next step in the search process involved gathering additional information on the key contenders. Everything from taxes to disclosures to utility estimates, recent neighborhood real estate activity are evaluated along with how well each Charlotte NC home contender meets what you’re looking for in a home.

  The final step in the search for a Charlotte NC home is ranking the top choices and deciding which one to pursue and place an offer to purchase.  The end of the home search process leads to the beginning of the offer to contract process BUT if a contract isn’t reached on the prime choice, ideally you have a backup in place….and many times newly listed Charlotte NC homes to evaluate!

  In essence the search for a home in Charlotte NC is all about evaluating, eliminating and evaluating some more. 

  The online availability of real estate listings has actually made it faster to evaluate/eliminate possible options and it’s a great tool that complements and enhances the entire process.

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