Spring-like Weather As Daylight Savings Time Arrrives

  After a rainy and snowy weekend last week, spring is in the air in Charlotte NC!! Although technically spring doesn’t arrive for a couple more weeks warmer weather has already arrived. 

  Daylight savings time also begins this weekend, so set your clocks ahead one hour this Saturday night.  Daylight savings time for 2009 officially starts on Sunday March 8th (don’t forget to check smoke alarm batteries and the air filters in your house this weekend too!).

  With highs near 80 degrees this weekend it’ll be a great time to get outside and enjoy a gorgeous weekend in Charlotte NC.

   It can also be a great time to start some outdoor spring cleaning and sprucing up around the yard.  From cleaning up flower beds and landscaping to freshening up decks, patios and outdoor furniture after the winter season.  Somehow working outdoors and in the yard seems much more enjoyable this time of year, when it’s not swelteringly hot and trees/plants are starting to come back to life…as are weeds!

  For some tips on simple springtime home maintenance checks for the outdoors, check out Outdoor Springtime Maintenance Around The House

   Whatever you do this weekend, whether it’s working around the house and yard or just spending time outdoors, enjoy the springlike weather!!!

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Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Spring-like Weather As Daylight Savings Time Arrives”


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