Take Control Of Your Personal Economy

     CNN has an interesting series of stories involving people who are optimistic in their personal lives right now.  The common thread is that they’re focused on the things they can influence instead of outside forces they’re powerless to change.  They’re recognizing and taking advantage of opportunity in the challenges.

    The one thing that remains constant is change, from the weather to the stock market to yes even the Charlotte NC real estate market.  Change happens.  Worrying about things outside of our control and changes that we can’t impact can lead to a state of paralysis.

   I can’t influence the real estate market in Charlotte NC any more than I can influence whether it rains today.  Some things are just outside our sphere of influence.

   What each of us does have the ability to influence are the choices we make and how we impact those things that we do have control over and that includes our “personal economy”.

   I’m not discounting that many many people are being affected and impacted by the current economic climate.  But lying down and allowing those forces to paralyze and define us is a choice – just as choosing to be proactive in our own lives is a choice.

   Instead of worrying about the global, national or even local economy we can choose to be proactive with our own “personal economy”.  How we manage our money, our savings, our debts is a choice and we can choose to be a responsible “personal economy manager”. 

   It can be truly empowering to be in control of and shift the direction of our own personal economy.  If you haven’t taken a hard look at your income and expenses, that’s ok.  You have the ability to choose to make a change and evaluate your own income, debts, expenses. If you don’t like what you see right now, you have the ability to start a cycle of change in your own life.

   Track your income and expenses for a month.  Take a hard look at where your money’s going each month and if there’s places you can cut back to start tackling chronic debt, make a plan to do just that.  If your goal or dream is to purchase or move on to a different home in Charlotte NC you can create your own personal road map to achieving that goal, whether it’s in the short or long term, the road won’t be the same for everyone.   Real estate market conditions will change but they don’t matter at all until the time is right for you to buy or sell a home, it’s a personal time frame that no “market” can determine.

   Each day, we all have a choice.  We can be pushed around and remain prisoners of things we can’t control OR we can choose to be proactive in our own lives and become an initiator of change.

   Sometimes it’s not very clear but opportunity is the other side of the coin.  Challenge creates opportunity.  What better time to take control of your personal economy than now?  When many are solely focused on the challenges, those who choose to look at the other side of the coin can make the most of opportunity that’s just waiting to be uncovered.  The choice is ours.

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Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Take Control Of Your Personal Economy”


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