Same Neighborhood, Different Schools

    When searching for a home in Charlotte NC, if schools are an important factor for you don’t assume that all homes in a given neighborhood will have the same Charlotte NC school assignments.

  School assignments in Charlotte NC don’t follow neighborhood or zip code boundaries so even two homes in relatively close proximity to each other (even in the same neighborhood) can actually have different school assignments.

  If schools are important to you in choosing a Charlotte NC home, it’s important to keep in mind school boundaries are a separate factor and just because it “seems” like two homes should have the same assigned school doesn’t mean they will.  It’s always best to check and verify current school assignments before buying a home in Charlotte NC.

  Some Charlotte NC real estate listings will include school assignment information, but that really should be checked into and not just taken at face value.

  For some resources and websites to evaluate/research local Charlotte NC schools before buying a home in Charlotte NC: Research tools for Charlotte NC schools

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