Substitution and Real Estate In Charlotte NC

  When searching for real estate and homes in Charlotte NC, evaluating and comparing those homes is a significant part of the home search process for buyers.

  So what does “substitution” have to do with a Charlotte NC home search? Actually quite a bit, and especially right now buyers are expert at this principle.  Charlotte NC buyers will “substitute” one house for another when they feel and decide that it offers them more value than another house.  That “value” could be room size, layout and use of living space, what a property borders, condition of a house, etc. 

  It’s about how well a given house meets their specific needs/wants/desires and what they consider valuable in a Charlotte NC home.

  Right now, many qualified Charlotte NC buyers have multiple options to evaluate when searching for a Charlotte NC home.  Today’s buyers are more than willing to substitute one house for another when they perceive value.  So a house that is “ok” can be discarded in favor of one that not only meets their needs but in which they find multiple features and aspects (price is one of these aspects) appealing. 

  How substitution relates to buyers searching for a home in Charlotte NC: many times there are multiple options and homes for you to evaluate.  Keep your “most valuable features” in mind while evaluating available homes for sale in Charlotte NC to focus on the prime options for you.

  How the substitution principle applies to Charlotte NC Sellers:  Be aware that buyers are seeking the most for their money.  They’re not going to “settle” for less or overlook detractions (this includes condition) when there are other more appealing options out there.

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Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Substitution and Real Estate In Charlotte NC”


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