New Listing Or Re-Heated Listing?

  Not all real estate listings that show up as “new listings” are really, truly new to the real estate market.

  When Charlotte NC real estate listings are withdrawn or expired, then re-listed either the same day or within a short period of time those listings may “appear” to be new listings but are they really? Ummmm no!!! I call them “re-heated” real estate listings.  They were actively on the market then re-heated (re-listed).  That history of any previous listing for a given home is still there in the multiple listing system….history of listing activity for any home can’t be erased just by re-heating the listing information.

  For buyers searching for real estate in Charlotte NC, it can be helpful to know the true listing history of any house you’re considering or evaluating.  How long has it REALLY been on the market and what’s the history of any price changes?  Length of time on the market doesn’t just include the current listing information, any “re-heatings” are relevant too.

  For sellers of real estate in Charlotte NC, the full and complete history of competing real estate listings, as well as the full history for recent comparable sales is important.  How much time did the house REALLY spend on the market and how does the final sales price compare to the original list price.  Not the list price at the time it went under contract, the first list price when it hit the market which sometimes goes farther back than simply the current listing.

  When browsing through Charlotte NC real estate listings, not all “new” listings are really hitting the market for the first time….some of them have been re-heated which may make them appear fresher but can’t erase the history of that house and how long it’s really spent on the market recently.

  Buyers – consider asking your buyer’s agent about the full history of any homes you’re evaluating, including whether this current listing is the only time it’s been on the market recently.  It may not be readily apparent from online info, but can be useful to know when seriously considering buying real estate in Charlotte NC.

  Sellers – The history of comparable homes (similar homes recently sold, expired, withdrawn and currently listed) is about more than just sales prices, the complete market history has a tale to tell too.

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2 thoughts on “New Listing Or Re-Heated Listing?

  1. How does one determine full history of the house offerred? Once it has come off MLS and been put back on, how does one find the original asking price and date it was originally listed?

  2. Hi Diane – The current MLS listing will only show the active price/listing date but the history from any price changes or previous listings will still show up in an archive search.
    Since the listing agent’s loyalty is to the seller, a buyer’s agent is best equipped to share/review any available listing history with buyer clients. One advantage to having exclusive buyer representation when looking to purchase a home.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment, and if we can be of any assistance just let us know – have a great day!

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