Is Bigger Always Better?

  When buying real estate in Charlotte NC, is bigger always better? Not necessarily.  Houses are a package: location, neighborhood, property features, parking, exterior and interior style, interior features and condition, the USE of living space and last but not least price are all integral parts of the package when buying real estate in Charlotte NC.

  Focusing solely on a number of square feet minimizes the other features.  The use of space/layout can have a huge influence on how large or small a house “feels”.  Two houses of similar square footage can have vastly different use of space and therefore different functionality.

  When searching for a Charlotte NC house to call home, keeping the big picture in mind is important.  Once you’re living in the home, will you describe it as your “2,253 square foot house” or as your “home”? 

  Overall living space can be a factor but sometimes the more relevant factor is the actual layout, use of space and room size/functionality.  How well does the Charlotte NC house you buy support your lifestyle needs and provide not only a roof over your head but a place you truly love coming home to, spending time in each day, and creating memories with family and friends for years to come?  Those are features and factors that can never, EVER be defined solely by a number of total living area square feet.

    All that being said, obviously some sort of guidelines are relevant when searching for real estate in Charlotte NC – an 800 square foot cottage probably isn’t going to comfortably accommodate 6 people.  But for homes of generally similar (within a couple hundred square feet) size, it’s important to evaluate variations in the functionality and use of that living space as well as how it meets your needs in a home.

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