A Surefire Way To Reduce Charlotte NC Real Estate Inventory

 There’s a way to reduce available real estate inventory in Charlotte NC that has nothing to do with buyers.  A less publicized and perhaps less popular method to reduce real estate inventory is for pseduo or “maybe” sellers to take their houses off the market.

  When I say “pseudo” or “maybe” sellers, I’m talking about homeowners who have their houses listed for sale but will only sell IF they get the price and terms that they’ve decided they want.  In other words, they’ll sell if their conditions are met regardless of what current real estate market conditions are impacting their house.

  If homeowners who don’t have a true and serious need, desire and motivation to sell as well as a willingness to work with current real estate market conditions took their houses off the Charlotte NC real estate market, inventory would drop.  The available real estate for sale in Charlotte NC would then reflect serious sellers willing to face current real estate market challenges. 

  It’s simply supply and demand.  Demand has dropped, without a drop in supply (removal of the “only if” homeowners) buyers in many Charlotte NC neighborhoods and locations will continue to have their pick of the best of the best, leaving the rest of the available houses behind on the real estate market.

  Motivation isn’t just for buyers, it’s relevant for Charlotte NC home sellers as well.  Of course buyers are crucial, without ready/willing/able Charlotte NC buyers there can never be a successful sale.  Buyers just aren’t the only piece of the puzzle.

  And yes, a Charlotte NC real estate broker just suggested that not all homeowners should have their house listed for sale at this time.

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Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “A Surefire Way To Reduce Charlotte NC Real Estate Inventory”


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