How To Eliminate Debt

  First of all, let me say this post is simply to share a link and video with anyone who may find it amusing, interesting or entertaining….if you’re easily offended you may want to skip the link.

  There’s a revolutionary new way to reduce and eliminate debt outlined in this Saturday Night Live skit: Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford!

  Timeless advice when striving to reduce or eliminate any debt you’re carrying. Whether you own a Charlotte NC home, are planning to buy a home in Charlotte NC, or are currently renting, debt management and reduction is a hot topic right now.  The first step in reducing/eliminating debt is truly…not buying what you can’t afford!

  Just wanted to post and share in case anyone is interested and may not have seen it, it’s not a new skit but I recently saw it and wanted to share.  I just posted an article about Buying Within Your Means When Considering Buying Real Estate In Charlotte NC and thought the video tied in well with that article.

Have a great Wednesday!


Copyright©2009 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “How To Eliminate Debt”


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