Pet Food Bank in Charlotte NC

   It’s no secret that there are residents in the Charlotte NC area experiencing economic hardships right now.  Some of the less publicized effects of economic hardships are how pets are being impacted.

  Some of the truly innocent and silent victims of economic hardship can be the family pets.  Unfortunately, in some cases Charlotte NC area families are facing the difficult decision of surrendering their animals to shelters when they’re unable to keep up with the costs of providing for those pets.

  The Animal Care and Control Division of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department is starting to put together a community Pet Food Bank with the goal of assisting pet owners in need of help with feeding their pets.

  Obviously a Pet Food Bank won’t be able to help pet owners having to relocate to housing that doesn’t allow animals(if you’re in this situation please, please don’t leave animals locked in an empty house!!!).  But maybe the Pet Food Bank can help some pet owners keep their pets without having to surrender the animals to an uncertain fate at a local shelter.

  To learn more about Charlotte Animal Care and Control’s Pet Food Bank Program and how to donate or sign up for temporary help with pet food, visit Animal Care and Control Pet Food Bank Program.

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