Buying a Charlotte NC Home: What’s Most Valuable To You?

  Many Charlotte NC real estate buyers are familiar with considering and listing what they want in a Charlotte NC home. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, etc are all pretty well known “criteria” for a Charlotte NC home search.

  When buying a Charlotte NC home, it’s also important to consider what’s most valuable to you in your first or next home.

  Going beyond simply listing what features are most valuable there’s usually more to the story and a reason why you value those features.  Two buyers who both want 3 beds, 2 full baths in the same price range and location can have vastly different things that they value in a home.  Anything from layout to property size, age of home, neighborhood style/amenities, the list goes on…  Searching for a Charlotte NC home isn’t generic, it’s very personal to you.

  When working with and getting to know buyers, I want to hear (and really listen to) their story. Where they’ve been, what experiences they’ve had, their fears, concerns, hopes and goals for their home purchase.

  When searching for a home in Charlotte NC, you bring your own personal story and your own unique reasons for why you value certain features. I can’t define what you consider valuable, but learning your story, your needs, your goals, your hopes and your dreams is the first step to helping you navigate the road to wherever you will soon call home.

  There are a lot of Charlotte NC homes on the market, not all of them will be houses you would want or even consider buying.  Value truly is in the eye of the beholder and when buying real estate, that beholder is you!

  Search online, check out the search results, and have fun (I am being serious, there’s nothing wrong with starting to browse online).  When you’re ready or want to share your story, find an ally in your home search and a partner to help you find the houses that most closely match the things you value, interview a Charlotte NC real estate broker. Find one you’re comfortable with, one who strives to understand what is most valuable to you in a Charlotte NC home. 

  For qualified and serious real estate buyers in Charlotte NC, there are some historically low interest rates, higher inventory levels (depending on neighborhood and price range) and fewer other buyers (i.e. less competition) searching for homes right now which can all work in your favor when searching for a Charlotte NC home to call your own.

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