Charlotte NC Sellers – Ignore Market Conditions at Your Own Risk!

  When it comes to the local real estate market, conditions are driven by the of activity by home buyers.  The level and amount of real estate buyer traffic and activity in Charlotte NC neighborhoods and price ranges is set by the qualified, willing, and ready buyers who are purchasing available real estate listings.

  Nowhere in that explanation was there any mention of sellers controlling real estate market conditions. That’s because sellers don’t control market conditions.  So, if you are considering selling a home in Charlotte NC…ignoring or underestimating current real estate market conditions is at your own risk.

Trying to sell a Charlotte NC home while ignoring real estate market conditions?

Trying to sell a Charlotte NC home while ignoring real estate market conditions?

  Thinking you can ignore current market conditions and get a price for your house that no buyer has been willing to pay for anything similar in the past few months just because your house is so darn cute, or you have a set dollar amount you “need” to net from the sale…..good luck with that.  

  Buyers speak volumes through the recent successful and pending real estate listings in your area. Disregarding what buyers are saying and what current real estate market conditions are is only setting yourself up for failure (and many many days of keeping your house in show ready condition!). 

   One of the loudest things buyers can say is actually silence.  A lack of pending and successful sales speak loud and clear that current buyers are not finding value in the available real estate listings.  Are you listening?

  True sellers are homeowners who have a real need, desire and motivation to successfully sell their house in the near future. They listen to and are willing to work with the current real estate market conditions because…they’re serious about selling and moving on. 

  If you’re serious about selling your Charlotte NC home there are some challenges that will await you but being open to learning about and working with current conditions will set you apart from those homeowners trying to sell “if” they get what they want.

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