Changes to Charlotte NC Neighborhood Real Estate Market Reports

  Some new changes to our Charlotte NC neighborhood real estate market reports will include a breakdown of real estate market inventory by price range.

  Real estate activity in Charlotte NC can vary even within a single neighborhood and many times price is a differentiating factor.  Real estate in Charlotte NC is local down to the neighborhood level, but not all price ranges in a single neighborhood will have the same rate of real estate sales activity.

 So, to capture and report on trends within varying price ranges, we’re now including inventory and activity levels broken down by price ranges.  To see an example of the new neighborhood real estate market reports, visit Olde Providence Real Estate Market in Charlotte NC.

  As a general guideline:

  6 months of real estate inventory is considered a balanced market.

  More than 6 months of inventory favors real estate buyers.

  Less than 6 months of inventory favors real estate sellers.

  Even within the same neighborhood, many times there are varying levels of real estate pricing. The level and activity of buyers can greatly impact how quickly (or slowly) a given price range is moving. As an example, buyers searching for homes under $250,000 won’t look at (and likely can’t buy) real estate for sale in the $350,000 range. 

  To capture where the trends for buyer activity are within a neighborhood, we’re including the price range inventory to highlight real estate market trends that go beyond the general “whole neighborhood” reporting for real estate in Charlotte NC.  When recent real estate activity is broken down by price range it really does open up a new realm of real estate activity and trends for Charlotte NC neighborhoods. 

  If there’s a Charlotte NC neighborhood that you’re interested in learning more about recent real estate activity, just let us know! Some of the current Charlotte NC neighborhoods we report on include Beverly Woods, Olde Providence, Cameron Wood and Madison Park real estate markets.

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