Mortgages and Charlotte NC Real Estate

   Mortgages and real estate in Charlotte NC are absolutely intertwined and for buyers who aren’t purchasing with cash, a mortgage lender is a crucial part of the Charlotte NC home buying process. 

   Mortgage professionals have a key insight into what’s going on with rate trends, available home loan programs, upcoming changes with mortgage guidelines….they follow and keep up with the Charlotte NC mortgage market just as we follow and keep up with the Charlotte NC real estate market.

   To learn more about what’s happening in the Charlotte NC mortgage market as well as some upcoming changes (particularly with FHA loans), Olan Carder with Myers Park mortgage in Charlotte NC has some relevant information and insight into the Charlotte NC mortgage market.

   Some key questions:

   Is mortgage money available right now? Yes, some categories are restricted but there’s still money out there

   What’s the rate you could qualify for? That will depend on some of your information as well as the real estate you plan to purchase. Rate “quotes” are not just throwing out a number they should actually be valid and relevant to you!

   If you’re considering purchasing real estate in Charlotte NC, a critical part of your home buying foundation is pre-approval for a Charlotte NC home. And with a solid foundation for your real estate purchase in Charlotte NC you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful home buyer.  Knowledge is powerful!

Copyright©2008 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Mortgages and Charlotte NC Real Estate”


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