What To Do Before Buying Charlotte NC Real Estate

  Before buying real estate in Charlotte NC, start with a solid foundation.

Know what your credit history is saying about you. http://www.annualcreditreport.com is the official site to obtain copies of your credit report once a year. Know what’s showing up as your history and current debts. Lenders will see it so it makes sense for you to see it too and have the chance to correct any mistakes before applying for a mortgage.

Evaluate your spending style. Are you earning more than you spend? Do you have money in savings for down payment, closing costs, moving expenses plus at least a 3-6 month cushion for the unexpected?

Consult with and choose a mortgage professional that is willing to counsel, advise and partner with you to evaluate mortgage options and a comfortable/realistic price range that you can afford. When financing real estate in Charlotte NC pre-approval is critical and having a mortgage professional on your team adds another facet of support.

Take the time to consider commuting times, specific locations and narrow down the areas you’d like to live in.  Charlotte covers a lot of ground and with so many areas of town, focusing on the areas that most appeal to you and fit your lifestyle needs is a must before really starting to evaluate Charlotte NC homes for sale.

  Having a solid foundation when you start your Charlotte NC home search may not be the most glamorous part of buying real estate in Charlotte NC but it really will help prepare you to be a successful Charlotte NC home buyer.

Copyright©2008 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “What To Do Before Buying Charlotte NC Real Estate”


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