Don’t Fall In Love With A View You Won’t Own

 When buying real estate in Charlotte NC, don’t fall in love with a view you won’t own.  The property that borders any home you’re considering is most definitely a consideration.  Even if it’s wooded, vacant and providing privacy right now there’s no guarantee it will stay that way in the future.

  While this is especially a consideration for newer neighborhoods that can border a large undeveloped property, even in some older established areas it’s still a relevant consideration.  Any time there’s undeveloped land bordering a property, the future of what that “could be” is a question buyers should keep in mind.

  Just because you see trees right now, don’t assume they’ll always be there.  I’ve seen it over and over again with real estate in Charlotte NC…previously vacant land is developed and homeowners who used to have a wooded view from their backyards are now looking at commercial buildings, large apartment complexes or retail buildings.

  If those homeowners had known what their view would eventually be, would they still have purchased that house and would they have paid the price they did? Even worse, purchasing from a builder may have included a “lot premium” for a view that’s now disappeared!

  Hands down, views of commercial or retail developments or apartments detract from a home’s value while privacy and trees enhance the value.

  Where the property line ends and what it borders is a question every buyer looking for real estate in Charlotte NC should want to know.

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Joyfully divorced, Diane is passionate about sharing her story, experience, wisdom and insight from this beautifully brutal life. Passionate about heartfelt connection in all areas of her life she is a public introvert and most enjoys connecting with and spending quality time with friends, chosen family and clients that are uplifting and inspiring. Her core values of connection, humor, integrity, authentic alignment influence all aspects of her life. She is intentional in all that she does. Diane is the founder and owner of Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services and McDermott Real Estate LLC
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