An Effective Odor Eliminator For The Home

  Whether it’s eliminating odors or just freshening up fabric and air in the home, air fresheners and scents are big business. A lot of the products I’ve used (and smelled while showing homes to buyers) tend to smell overpowering and scream that something’s being masked.

   I recently found Fresh Waveproducts while at Sur La Table (a kitchen store located in South Park Mall in Charlotte NC). Just during the time I was in the store three different shoppers were around the Fresh Wave shelf and ALL of them were talking about how great the stuff is.

  As a pet owner odor control is definitely a concern.  The Fresh Wave products are the best I’ve tried yet.

  For Charlotte NC home sellers and anyone looking for an effective odor eliminator, Fresh Wave is an additional option and the natural ingredients won’t make your house smell like a chemical or perfume factory!

Copyright©2008 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “An Effective Odor Eliminator For The Home”


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