Show Off The Countertops, Not “Clutter-tops”

  When preparing your Charlotte NC home for sale (or when your home is on the market) each and every countertop in the house deserves special attention. Counters seem to have an uncanny ability to magnetically draw things to them.

  Really, sometimes it seems like they give off an invisible pull that various household items just can’t resist. Stuff just seems to find its way onto those counters.

  It’s a conscious effort to keep them clutter-free and I’ll admit some days I’m a better “keeper of the counters” than others but when you’re a home seller it’s a daily duty, there is no day off!

  If you have an extensive collection of kitchen gadgets, bath accoutrements, stacks of mail or anything else on display they need to go into hiding….now! You could just toss things into a drawer or stuff it in a closet but be warned: buyers open doors to see storage space.

  We’re not trying to impress buyers with your personal collection or taste and they won’t care if you have the latest, greatest garlic press or 16 types of face cream, they’re not in the market for your personal belongings.

  Clearing off the counters will show off the space you do have and won’t make buyers feel like they’re at a yard sale, they’ll be able to focus on the feature instead of the “stuff”.

  As a general guideline for the kitchen: if you don’t use it every single day, it doesn’t belong on the counter.

  For bathrooms: beauty and personal hygiene products/devices (yes, all of them) should stay behind closed doors.

  When clutter rules the counters, it sends the message that the house doesn’t have adequate storage space. By keeping the countertops clean and free of clutter it will really highlight the space that you do have.

  When selling your Charlotte NC home it’s not about your personal style it’s about your home’s features and counter space is a big deal to many buyers.

Copyright©2008 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Show Off The Countertops, Not Clutter-tops”


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