Lawn Mower Maintenance

 Ok, I’ll admit that until recently I didn’t know that lawn mower blades could (or needed to be) sharpened.

 My husband’s been saying for the longest time that the mower blade is dull and hasn’t been cutting the grass as well as it used to.

  So finally I contacted The Blade Doctor, which is a local Charlotte NC business. Scott Adams is “The Blade Doctor” and the service was fantastic!!!

 Packing up the mower and taking it somewhere to be sharpened seemed like a chore and a half and there always seem to be other weekend projects to tackle that are more pressing.

 The at-home aspect of The Blade Doctor service was definitely appealing. Scott came over to the house, sharpened the blade and changed the oil in the mower.

 If you have a mower that’s in need of blade sharpening, The Blade Doctor is a fantastic local Charlotte NC service. Pricing is based on the type of mower and ranges from $10-20 (which I thought was very reasonable). 

 Being in a service-related industry myself, I really can appreciate when businesses provide great customer care and The Blade Doctor is definitely a local Charlotte NC business I would personally recommend and would use again in the future.

 To contact Scott Adams, The Blade Doctor: 704-394-8730, or 704-488-4259

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