Wallpaper is Not a Selling Feature!

 When selling your Charlotte NC home, regardless of your personal preference, wallpaper is not a feature that will make your home more appealing to buyers. Quite the opposite, buyers will see that wallpaper and instead of focusing on the room size, layout or how they could live in the space all they can see is the wallpaper.

 Then they envision having to take it down (ugh!), re-paint the walls(that’s a fun way to spend a weekend) and all of that adds up to time, energy and aggravation they don’t want to have to deal with. Translation: your house is worth less to them because of that wallpaper.

 It isn’t necessarily a logical thought process and buyers won’t care if it’s relatively cheap to remedy the wallpaper situation. To them it’s the time, energy and annoyance of having to do it at all.

 Buyers do have imagination but it’s hard for them to use it to envision themselves in the space if all they can see is how much work it would take to wipe the slate clean. They’ll focus on the work instead of picturing themselves enjoying the space.

 It doesn’t matter if you put the wallpaper up last week, to buyers it’s screaming “Dated”, “Needs Work” and it will distract them. You’re selling your house not your personal style preference.

 So if you’re planning on selling your Charlotte NC home, taking down any wallpaper should be on your list of prep work. It IS relatively inexpensive to remove and will let your home’s true features shine through and appeal to the widest possible range of buyers.

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