Accessibility Is Not Optional

 When selling your home in Charlotte NC, making it accessible to potential buyers is not an option, it’s a requirement.

 Buyers have schedules of their own and they want to view homes when they can fit it into their schedule. If your home is available for limited hours, days or (gasp!) only after there’s an accepted offer, you’re turning buyers away!!!!

 Why does that matter? Well, if you’re serious about selling your house, buyers are a pretty integral part of doing that successfully. Restricting them or declining their requested appointments isn’t going to help you get to the closing table any faster.

 I’m not suggesting that sellers should be ready to leave within seconds of getting an appointment request, some sort of reasonable notice is courteous. What is unrealistic is setting a narrow window (i.e after 5pm, only before 2pm daily, 24 hour notice) that you’ll allow showings. Buyers will move on and you’re helping your neighbors sell their homes.

 I do know it isn’t easy to keep your home “show ready” and it’s nerve wracking to get a call that someone wants to stop by in less than an hour, I’ve been there myself as a homeowner. But the bottom line is that when you’re selling your home in Charlotte NC, it’s a product. You’ve invited the buyers in by putting it on the market and it only takes ONE showing for the right buyer to walk through that door. Accessibility is key. If buyers can’t view it they can’t decide to offer on it.

To all the home sellers (including my own clients) out there who are working so hard to make their homes available for showings….Thank You!!!

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