The Power of Small Shifts in Perspective

This is going to be a blend of a post because at this moment that’s all I’ve got. From start to (what will I really hope will eventually finish) this day has brought a literally unending supply of synchronicity, connection and meaning that has me a bit stunned.

I’m reading Brené Brown’s latest book, Dare to Lead (read it!!!) and she shares a story I’ve heard her explain before about how trust is both built and shattered in the small moments.

It’s not the grand gestures or big picture moments that build, foster and nurture trust. It’s the small and so easy to dismiss ones that matter.

The same is true with perspective.

It’s not the 180 degree shifts that suddenly open us up to seeing something differently. It’s the one, two or three steps in a different direction that make all the difference.

I see this with clients all the time: the big picture pathway is not only daunting it feels massive and overwhelming. But when we can have a conversation that shifts from the macro to the next right step it suddenly just feels lighter. More manageable. More possible.

It’s the smallest shifts that actually bring the most impact and change. That can be counterintuitive to our culture that tends to love the grandiose and bypass the power of moments.

I’ve literally been stunned into both silence and laughter all damn day today. By the recognition and awareness of magical synchronicity quite literally unfolding in the moment.

Often the change and shift we’ve really been waiting for doesn’t shout. It whispers. And when we’re tuned in enough to allow and feel it, that is magic. And it’s beautiful beyond words.

I’m guilty (much of the time) of overthinking and analyzing. I’m learning to surrender to the process and trust the much more subtle shifts. There’s incredible power in the subtle, when we choose to allow it.

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Charlotte: It’s a Big Small Town

I grew up in the NYC suburbs and went to college on Long Island before moving here to Charlotte.

That was more than 16 years ago and so Charlotte is now absolutely home. I love my life here and am surrounded by chosen family, friends, connections and people I just adore knowing.

Charlotte and its metro area actually cover a pretty large area but it truly is a VERY big small town.

The amount of overlap, synchronicity and interweaving of connection still kind of stuns me. On a regular basis.

I’ll walk into places and see people I know. I’ll meet someone new and discover we have a lot of friends in common. I’ll talk to someone new and discover we have tons of connections in common.

Charlotte for all of its size and territory is at its heart a very small town. And there’s a part of me that absolutely loves that aspect about this place.

I am and will forever be a New Yorker, the energy of that city is unlike any other and I carry that with me. But Charlotte is my home now.

I’m very aware how dangerous it is for me to say this again but: I do NOT believe in coincidence. I’ve been on the receiving end of synchronicity and magic more often than I can count.

This big small town of Charlotte NC is one I can’t quite explain why I chose but it’s without question home. And I truly, deeply love it here.

Copyright©2018 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Charlotte: It’s a Big Small Town”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC, Heartfelt, Empowering Real Estate in Charlotte NC


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