Hell in The Hallway – The Reality of the In Between

A friend shared this quote recently and I am so in love with it: “When one door closes, another opens. But it’s hell in the hallway”. Turns out that’s also the title of a book by Sandi Bachom that I haven’t read. Yet.

This quote so perfectly describes the in between that ANY transition in life inherently includes. Whether it’s buying a house, moving to a new city, starting a new job or career, divorcing a spouse. Any and all transitions bring with them a time of being in the “in between” and experiencing hell in the hallway.

It doesn’t really matter whether we’re also excited and thrilled at having closed (or slammed) that first door shut, there comes a time when it’s shut and the new one hasn’t fully opened so we can’t quite see what’s beyond that new door. Magical field of abundance or fire breathing dragon? Who the hell knows.

For us humans, that in between isn’t naturally comfortable. We like predictable, familiar, tangible. We like to see evidence that we’re on solid ground and all will be well. Proof of the awesomeness behind door number two.

While the hallway can certainly feel like hell when it’s dark and we can’t tell which way is up, down, backward or forward: there are opportunities that reside there.

Opportunities to discover gifts, talents, strengths we never knew we had within us. The exhiliration of going beyond our comfort zone and realizing we’re capable of more than we previously thought possible. The connection with others who’ve experienced similar transitions. Deepening knowledge about ourselves, our preferences, our values and ideals.

What I do for home buyer clients is illuminate parts of the hallway while you navigate  through it. I can’t take away all of the unknowns and stress but I can help you explore and clarify the next best step on your journey and guide you as you take it.

Transitions aren’t linear and by their very nature include a certain level of discomfort. But they’re also points of growth that one day sooner than you realize, may thrill and amaze you at what you’ve navigated and accomplished by reaching and stepping through that new door.

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Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Book Review

I read all the time so I’m going to start sharing posts about books I’ve enjoyed or found really interesting.

Over the weekend I read Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

The basic message is that we each have a subconscious mind that we’re largely (mostly or nearly always) unaware of, formed in childhood but that continues to run in the background.

This subconscious mind is where our limiting beliefs live and hide, influencing our behavior, feelings and actions. Imagine a 7 or 8 year old you at the steering wheel of your life experience. Kinda terrifying.

For as long as we’re unaware of our subconscious patterns and beliefs they remain hidden and we can’t change them. They only get their power by staying in the shadows hidden from our view. Light and awareness weaken and can dissolve them.

The book asserts that meditation is a tool we can use to access the subconscious to illuminate, witness, and re-program our beliefs. I’m a huge fan of meditation and there are tons of variations on it so my suggestion is to try out different methods and find one that resonates, the one offered in the book or another method. There’s no one size fits all meditation practice.

In my own journey I’ve absolutely discovered limiting beliefs I was totally unaware of and that’s truly the first step to changing and evolving. If you’re on your own journey of self-discovery you may enjoy Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

There are also tons of videos on YouTube with talks or interviews with the author Dr Joe Dispenza so those may be of interest as well.

I also found synergy between this book and the Road Back to You about the enneagram (Post about that book), both of which address patterns our child selves adopted that can wreak absolute havoc in our adult lives. Or at the very least hold us back from shining as our truest, fullest and most unique selves…..which is what we are here to do.

The best part about all of this – we are NOT destined to forever and always perpetuate old, outdated or limiting patterns and beliefs.

Personally, I LOVED this book and found it to add another layer of awareness very much in line with what I’ve already been learning and integrating these past few years.

I caught myself allowing the opinions of others to stop me from sharing this book. Staying small to stay safe is one of my old limiting beliefs. It’s progress for me to catch it in action so…..progress, not perfection.

Copyright©2018 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Book Review”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC, Heartfelt, Empowering Real Estate in Charlotte NC

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